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NTID 26039665
Tendering Authority
Description Supply Of 1 Disposable Gloves (Non Sterile) 2 Absorbent Cotton (Non Sterile) 3 Suction Catheter 4 Urine Drainage bag with URO-Meter 5 Surgical Cap 6 Plastic Shoe Cover 7 Swab Surgical (Sterile) 8 Abdominal gauge 9 Bed Sheet (Non Woven fabric, PP Spun bond) 10 Pillow Cover 11 Adhesive Plaster 12 Plastic Disposable luer lock syringe 13 Rubber Sheet 14 Specimen collection tubes for blood sugar, for coagulation studies (Sodium citrate 3.8%0 and for blood tests (K2 EDTA) 15 IV fluid 16 Normal saline 17 Povidone iodine Solution10% 18 PVC Foley Catheter 19 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 2% 20 Intravenous transfusion set 21 Blood transfusion set 22 Pediatric drip set 23 Intra Venous Cannula 24 Roller Bandage 25 Roller crepe Bandage 26 Triangular cotton Bandage 27 Suspensory Scrotal Bandage 28 Elector Condution ECG Jelly 29 Disposable triple layer Face Mask (Spun bond, Non woven) 30 Nasogastric tube (Ryles tube) 31 Clinical thermometer digital 32 Hand Sanitizer alcohol based isopropyl alcohol (99.8%) 33 Face shield cover 34 skin Marker Pen 35 Surgical Blade (Detachable bard parker) 36 Disposable Hypodermic needle 37 Micro pore surgical tape 38 Surgical suture catgut
Estimated Cost 123184.00
Doc Cost 0.00
Last Date for Submission 2021-12-04
Closing Date 2021-12-04
Location India, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow
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